Las Vegas Website Repair

How To Make Your Website Work Better.

Your Website Looks Great!

There’s Only One Problem…

It Doesn’t Work.

 No Traffic… No Visitors… No Sales…

Maybe Your Website Was Never Finished.

Your Website May Look Fine To Humans And Be INVISIBLE To Search Engines!

Do Google, Bing, and Yahoo Even Know Your Website Exists?

Wouldn’t YOU Like To Learn How To Get The Search Engines To Discover and Rank YOUR Website?

  • Find Your Keywords and What They Say About Your Website
  • How To Develop Keyword-Focused Pages
  • Create Keyword-Rich Internal Links
  • Make The Images You Already Have Really WORK For You
  • Use Video for Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM)
  • Discover What Must Be Done To Have Search Engines Find your Website
  • Step-By-Step Instructions - How To Set Up A Page or Post That Works.
  • Seven Important WordPress Plugins

I didn't put this together for experienced webmasters.

(In fact, the real webbie-gurus would laugh and tell me I'm an idiot.)

And this is not for every website - WordPress only. (I used to build sites from the ground up using HTML; not any more, though - WordPress is so simple and powerful it is a foolish waste of time for me to write code that way.)
I created this collection of basic information for normal people who aren't website experts. This is for people who wanted to build their own website, got a good start and then got side-tracked by life.
It's for folks who maybe paid someone for their website, and the guy they paid was a beginner, or lazy, and the website didn't get the attention it needed before it got delivered.
This is the basic information every website builder should do for every site before it is released.
This information is given to you in a simple, step-by-step process, so you don't get lost.
You'll get videos and screenshots so that even a beginner can understand it and actually get it done.
And not just that - the video quality is good, and the audio is excellent.
Now, I know this information is out there on the YouTube for free. All you have to do is ask the right question, find the videos on that topic, watch a few minutes (or hours) of bad videos with shaky cameras and bad audio to find the answer your question.
Then when the next question comes up, go through the process again. And then go through that ordeal again when the next problem comes up.
We've got a better way that will save you time, money, and stress.